4 Benefits of a Tingkat Meal Catering Programme

4 Benefits of a Tingkat Meal Catering Programme

With our hectic lifestyle, cooking up a nutritious meal may not always be a priority. After all, takeout food and online food delivery services empower convenience, save time and minimise effort while satisfying our cravings. Nonetheless, nothing beats the comfort and nostalgia of homecooked meals. Introducing Tingkat meals, a great alternative to fast food joints and restaurants. Serving nutritional homecooked meals, it caters to many Asian families in Singapore.

What makes Tingkat meals so special? Here are 4 benefits of signing up for a Tingkat meal catering programme: 

1. Healthy and well-balanced meals

Often, Tingkat meals are healthier with a wide selection of essential vitamins and minerals from vital food groups. Rest assured that both young and old are well nourished in every meal plan.

Upholding our belief in providing nothing less than tasty, healthy and nutritious meals, our team at Tingkat Delivery excels in using fresh ingredients with no MSG added. We advocate for low-carb meal plans ensuring less oil and salt in all our meals.

2. Effortless and convenient

While cooking can be seen as an enjoyable hobby, there is no denying the amount of time and effort that goes into it. With Tingkat meals, you will never have to worry about prepping a meal for your family! 

Be pleasantly surprised with Tingkat Delivery’s non-repetitive weekly menu which consists of a variety of food options. We also cater to those who are unable to consume spicy or seafood. With our delivery service right to your doorstep, enjoy a scrumptious lunch or dinner from the comfort of your very own home. 

3. Easy clean up 

If you think prepping and cooking a meal is tiring enough, do not forget about the dishes that still need to be done! Cleaning up is never fun, especially having to do so after dedicating time and effort into whipping up a delicious meal.

Fret not, as Tingkat delivery offers meals with fuss-free packaging! With food-graded, microwaveable and disposable containers, simply reheat these Tingkat meals prior to mealtime. Once the meal is finished, just make sure to pack it up for disposal. 

Tingkat Meals Singapore Encourages more family bonding time

4. Encourages more family bonding time 

As we all know, food is what draws people closer, creating the opportunity for families to spend some quality time together. These moments signify why food can taste more delicious and special. 

In relation, our authentic Asian recipes embody the feeling of home, honouring your fond childhood memories with delicious and warm meals. Time to gather your family members to reminisce and create new memories! 


There is always delight at the dinner table when food is brought. What matters most is that the entire family is present and delectable home-cooked food is being enjoyed, which enhances the relationships and encourages interaction.

Be it lunch and/or dinner, our team at Tingkat Delivery has got your meals covered! Tingkat Delivery is a catering service in Singapore that delivers authentic and nutritious Asian homecooked meals to your home. Make the change towards a healthier eating lifestyle. Book your meals here today!