5 Reasons to Opt for Tingkat Food Delivery in Singapore

5 Reasons to Opt for Tingkat Food Delivery in Singapore

Due to Singapore’s hustling lifestyle, people tend to choose ​​convenience over health and opt for either take-out meals or easy-to-prepare processed food. These unhealthy options lack the nutrients that keep you strong and healthy. 

While campaigns promoting healthy eating exist, time and effort are two primary concerns that deter individuals from preparing their own home-cooked, nutritious meals. This is where our Tingkat Food Delivery Services come in handy! We offer an effortless way to enjoy healthy and scrumptious meals suitable for the whole family right in the comfort of your own home. 

Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to opt for Tingkat food delivery in Singapore:

1. Ease the stress over food preparation 

Everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences when it comes to food and this can be tricky to navigate, especially at family gatherings where meals are involved. Not only is it challenging for the host to cater to each person’s liking, but tensions may arise at the family table, particularly for families with young kids.

Thankfully, with our Tingkat Menu, you can lay your hands off the stove. With new soups and dishes added every week, family mealtimes are now made more enjoyable. Feast on our delicious, home-cooked meals that keep everyone nourished and satisfied. A variety of options also translates to everyone’s personal tastes being met. 

2. Helps in the recovery process after confinement 

For new mothers, the journey of delivering a baby is a crucial milestone. Her body goes through many changes that may take a toll on her well-being even after pregnancy. Proper recuperation is key to nursing new mums back to health. 

To ensure mothers attain essential nutrients for a speedy recovery, NouRiche’s healthy Tingkat family meal makes for a great option. Incorporating TCM practices in their cooking, they create protein and iron-rich maternity food that improve the immune system and restore the vitality of mothers. 

3. Daily meals for both young and old

Thinking of ordering takeout for your family again? Do consider switching to healthier options especially if you have family members of vulnerable age groups living with you, such as the elderly and children. Proper nutrients are important for them and their health should not be compromised.  

Our curated menu of Tingkat meals empowers well-balanced diets that are suitable for the whole family. Using only the freshest ingredients from each vital food group, your family can get the vitamins and minerals they need to remain strong and healthy. 

4. Aid in weight loss journey 

According to research, low carbohydrate diets are effective in weight loss as it decreases one’s appetite, reducing food consumption.

Rich in nutrients, our low-carb meal plans use leaner cuts of meat and natural seasonings such as herbs and spices to create a hearty meal for you to enjoy. Do opt for brown rice that can aid in your weight loss journey as well. Savour the taste of healthy home-cooked meals while getting back in shape!

5. Quick and nutritious meals for office workers 

Prioritising work may be a common reason for most to skip meals. This strips you of essential minerals and vitamins obtained from food, which can result in detrimental health effects in the long run. 

Get our fuss-free Tingkat meals delivered to your office and nourish your body with the key nutrients it requires. Enjoy the convenience of feasting on tasty and well-balanced meals that pushes you through those long hours. 

With a bevy of commitments and responsibilities, we may find ourselves struggling to meet ends. However, incorporating healthy meals into our lifestyle should never be overlooked. Thanks to our Tingkat Food Delivery service, you no longer have to worry about mealtimes! 

At Tingkat Delivery, we uphold pride in delivering authentic and nutritious Asian home-cooked meals to you. Kickstart your journey towards health and wellness. Book your meals here today!